Hi and welcome to our fluff filled blog!

You may know us from our YouTube channel or even our Instagram, but in case you don’t, here’s a quick little introduction into our fluffy lives…

My name is Laura.

I am the girl behind the making, editing and filming of our YouTube channel, TheDogBlog.

I started the channel when I was 14 years old, thinking I would just post small videos of me and my pooches doing agility. Little did I know, or ever dream really, that my tiny, unknown channel would flourish into something many now enjoy and tune into regularly.

Now believe it or not, I actually have a life outside of my YouTube channel! Who would think it, right?! Yes, well, here’s a few things I enjoy which aren’t TheDogBlog related…

I am a keen horse rider, have been since I was able to reach the stirrups. I have a horse called Camelot, or Cam for short, that’s us in the photo above! We specialize and have a strong, shared love for showjumping and eventing… I think its the adrenalin we like?!

I love a good selfie (like many others), but most of my iPhone photo storage is actually taken up with images of my two fluffy fluff balls Zac and Lucy haha!

I have a car…his names Fred. He’s my first ever, and as boring as cars may seem to some, I love him a lot!

I am a keen bean for photography. I practice on the dogs a lot and, to be honest, I don’t think they mind a bit! Who doesn’t want their own personal photographer anyway?!

And last but most certainly not least, my two dogs Zac and Lucy. AKA Chan & Goose, Lucy Poo & Zacy Whoo, my little muffins/ munchkins, Kiddo’s, The Sheep, Woofy & little woofy… the list can go on.

But enough about me, this blog is about dogs! So why not introduce my representatives for the dog portion of us… Zac and Lucy.



Zac is a BIG West Highland White terrier who loves some camera action.

He also loves cuddles, food, his mum, agility and believe it or not, a good laugh!

As I mentioned above, Zac is BIG! He actually is really tall for his breed, standing at roughly 300mm! His height allowed him to succeed into his agility career winning him two major titles and many first places.

In the early days, I trained Zac for agility in my backyard. I didn’t even know it was a sport! I was just getting him to jump jumps like a horse! Then one day I felt like this pretend horse jumping could actually go somewhere, so I googled sports for dogs and up popped the sport of agility! The rest is history…


Lucy is the complete opposite of Zac, and I don’t just mean in size. Lucy is very, how do you put it…sassy.

Now when I say sassy, I mean she has attitude… She’s the sort of girl that if you say something to her she just gives you that “uuuuhhhhhmmmm….haha no!” look. She would so talk back if she could!

But as funny as her “tude” is at times, there’s a lot more to my little goose.

Small yet mighty is probably the best way to describe little Lucy. It’s true that she is about half Zac’s height…and length, but if someone seems threatening, Lucy will be there to protect you.

Now even though Lucy never goes on break from her duties as head guard dog (her choice not ours haha), she always has time to have a cuddle, go for a walk, lick your face, growl at some distant noise and OH GOD! WHO SHOOK THE CAR KEYS!!! That’s right, Lucy loves a drive in the car, especially Fred! She loves the car so much that she knows the sound of the car keys means the car, and boy does she go crazy!


But anyway, I think that’s probably enough about us for now, we look forward to blogging to you more in the future!

Love Zac, Lucy and Laura xx

2 Comments Add yours

  1. TheDogVlogs says:

    I nether knew you did horse riding. So do I! Horses are my passion. As well as doc agility. This is so interesting. I love the bit about sassy Lucy and car drives!
    Sounds like so much fun. Hopefully I can be like you one day


    1. dogblogweb says:

      Haha glad you enjoyed it:) thankyou so much you all inspire me to to do my best and be the best person I can, love you all x


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