4 Summer Life Hacks for Pets

Everyone loves a life hack, they free up time and make our lives a lot easier!

So as summer and the warm weather is fast approaching, I thought I would write up a few of my favourite summer life hacks for pets! Let’s go…

 *And if your not really into reading, we made a video for ya!


1. Edible Ice Block

This life hack is perfect for those hot summer days when you can’t get to the pool or beach, and your pooch is sweltering in the heat. It’s easy to make and works just like an ice cream on a hot day!


All you need to do is make up around 250-500ml of beef or chicken stock (depending on how big you want your ice block to be), and pour that into a plastic container.

Then add any hard ingredients you think your pooch will like into the container. We used diced apple and cooked chicken slices.

After that, place on a flat shelf in your freezer until solid and voila!

You’ve got yourself a happy dog!


2. Purple Shampoo

Now before you freak out about the possibility of having a purple dog after doing this, let me tell you that using a purple shampoo is actually a great way to remove any saliva stains or brassy colours from your dogs coat!


The purple shampoo that I use for the dogs is actually from my local horse store. Although labelled for use on horses, they actually say that it can be used on dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, pretty much anything…even yourself!

Now, I don’t recommend that you use a purple shampoo for every wash as they can be quite drying on the fur. For the best results in fur colour and the quality of the fur, probably use this every 2-3 washes.

I use my purple shampoo to assist in the removal of saliva stains around my dogs’ mouths and feet. Basically the shampoo removes brassy (orange, dull) colours from the fur, leaving it radiant and bright.

I also love to use it as it really makes white markings glow, and as my sheep are all over white, they glow like nothing else!

3. The Speed Eater

Every household has a speed eater, in ours it’s Zac.

The speed eater is exactly what it sounds like, the one who thinks dinner time is a race. The one who has to eat their food as fast as they can and beat everyone else.

For the longest time Zac suffered with indigestion after eating his food as he would scoff it down as quick as possible (usually within around 10 seconds…legit!)

So to solve this issue I took to pinterest and found this awesome life hack!


All you need to do is get a tennis ball or any ball of that size and place it in the food bowl like so.

What this does is it forces the dog to push the ball around the bowl to get to the food, slowing their eating down and making them work slightly for their meal.

This ones my personal fav and it works so well!

4. Icy Bowl

The fourth and last life hack for todays post is again about keeping cool.

This life hack is a quick solution to staying hydrated on hot days as well as keeping your pooches water at a cool temperature.

It’s so simple, it’s not even funny! All you need to do is grab a handful of ice cubes from your freezer and put them in your dogs water bowl.


What this does is as the cubes melt, it cools the water temp to below the room temperature, giving your dog a refreshing cool drink!

TIP: cold refreshments promote the body to drink more!



So, that’s all folks! I’ve always wanted to say that aha!

We really hope you got something out of this post, and now have some awesome inspiration to go out and try these life hacks!

As always we love you all sooo much, and we can’t wait to blog to your more in the future!

Lots of love,

Zac, Lucy and Laura xx

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