Rug Collection | Winter 2016

Autumn came, it went, and Winter took its place. Now for all the non-Australians out there, Winter in Australia is pretty weak compared to other parts of the world. We rarely get below freezing, it doesn’t snow unless you live up high or in a really cold area, and although it rains (and when it does it pours), the temperature barely gets below 11C.

But despite our climate and weather conditions, it still is cold enough for rugs, yeah that’s right, dog rugs! So today as it’s the start of the winter season, I thought I would show and tell to you guys our little collection of dog rugs!


Lucy’s #1 Blankie

This rug is Lucy’s fav! She absolutely loves it and is often seen in it; it’s kinda her signature outfit/ look. It’s just a slip over the head rug which sits snug to her body and keeps her warm, almost in a continuous hug. She is so comfy in it, it keeps her warm, plus it has such a cute pattern on it! It’s so easy to clean and it’s pretty tough against any rug Houdini’s or rug wreckers!

  • Rug – Bond & Co.


Zac’s Red Spotty

This rug is one of Zac’s favourites! It’s thick, warm and most importantly it’s waterproof! Perfect for those days when its raining, cold and the dogs can’t be inside because you’ve gone out, they stink etc. As well as being waterproof, this rug is comfortable, flexible and stylish. The red contrasts well against Zac’s white coat and he is a strong lover for this one!

  • Rug – Weatherbeeta Australia



Lucy’s Oversizer

There’s no need to tell us that this rug is way to big for our lil’ Lucy, it’s kinda obvious haha. But apart from acting like a massive blanket for her whole body, it has a lovely soft fleece inner which keeps her really snug on those super cold nights. If it gets really cold, I layer her #1 rug underneath this one and she sleeps like a log, a blanket coated log. As much as Lucy despises the size of this rug, she can’t help but agree that it keeps her super warm and cozy!

  • Rug – Wag Wear



Zac’s Big Blue

This was Zac’s first ever proper dog rug and it’s for sure one of our Go-To’s! It’s slightly different to the others in the fact that it has buckle clips instead of Velcro straps to help secure it together. If your dog is a Houdini or is awesome at breaking rugs or buckles easily, I would stay away from this type of rug and go for a Velcro, they are harder to get off and harder to break. But despite being a buckle rug, it serves its purpose well in keeping Mr. Chan warm. This one isn’t waterproof, instead it has a fleece inner which hugs and insulates Zac’s body, keeping him all nice and toasty throughout those crispy cold nights.

  • Rug – Kazoo Originals


Lucy’s Mid-Weather Wonder

What I mean by this rug being our Mid-Weather Wonder is that its got just enough coverage and it’s waterproof and set for those days where its not really cold enough for a full on rug, but it is cold enough for a rug, you get me? As you can see in the photos, this rug is a tiny bit small for Magee, but we do love it as its great for walks and as I said earlier, those days where its not particularly freezing. The pattern is adorable and Lucy finds it comfortable and she likes it, so that’s really all that matters haha!

  • Rug – Weatherbeeta Australia


Chany’s Rain Beeta

This rug does exactly this, it beats the rain and keeps Chany nice and dry when he wants to explore in the rain. It has a waterproof lining with Velcro straps so it is one of the best rugs you can get! This one isn’t particularly thick but keeping Zac warm isn’t really what we use this rug for, it purpose is mainly to keep him dry. Not much else to say about this rug except that we love it a lot!

  • Rug – Weatherbeeta Australia


So that was our collection of rugs that we have accumulated over the years. We hope you enjoyed this post as it was really fun to create. Just wanted to quickly say that this post wasn’t intended to brag at all, I just wanted to document, review and share our small collection of dog rugs xx

Lots of love,

Zac, Lucy and Laura x

Weatherbeeta Australia:

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