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Hey all! So lately I’ve been under the pump with homework, study, assignments and very soon, exams… ugh! So instead of filming I decided to write a quick little blog post to keep you all up to date with us! Soooo, I wanted to have a little chat with ya’s and I thought why not #TrySomethingNew and do a Q&A in the form of a blog post! I asked you all on my Instagram page to send us in any questions you may have, and you did exactly that, so here goes it!

zacs bath 25.10.14 004


How many rosettes do you have altogether?

Gee we have a lot! Not meaning to brag AT ALL! We earned all the rosettes we have as we went and competed in a lot of competitions, plus I ran two dogs so it all adds up. But in total we have about 37 awards; this consists of 22 rosettes, 6 ribbons, 5 titles and 4 sashes.


Do you still do some agility in your back garden?

haha yes occasionally we do, although this is mainly for videos and tutorials.


What training method in agility helped you the most?

To be completely honest, I didn’t ever use or follow a particular method. It was basically just trial and error and continuing on with whatever seemed to work with the dogs. I did used to go to an agility club, and they helped out a bit but most of my training was done by me just from using my noggin:)


What do you think makes an agility dog successful?

What I believe makes an agility dog a successful one is if they listen and focus on their handler and if the handler and dog work together nicely. This doesn’t always mean they’ll get a clear round and come first place, it means they are obvious teammates which can knuckle down and get some nice moves in, and at the same have some fun! So pretty much to me, a successful agility dog is one which listens, focuses and works nicely, but is able to have a laugh as well.


What is your dream breed of dog (traits, character, height etc.)

Believe it or not, I’ve never actually had a dream dog. I mean I love a border collie (the brown ones omg) and a pretty speckled Dalmatian (dream caused by 101 Dalmatians), but never have I been like “I want a pug which is white and is a girl and just loves a cuddle and spends all day loving me”, because lets be real, pugs are expensive and white ones are rare and girl dogs are sassy and any dog will love you all day and always. Zac and Lucy to be honest are the perfect dogs for me, they’re small, cute, totally lovable, sassy, stinky, in your face cuddly, tubby, talkative and they love me for who I am. But if I HAD to be specific and choose my dream dog, I wouldn’t really know what to order haha! At this current moment in time, I have no dream dog, sorry!


What is your fav breed?

Well this ones a tiny bit easier to answer, although the guilt of answering it with the sheep watching me is hard to deal with tbh! My favourite breed of dog, hmmm, I have so many! I looove border collies (as stated above the brown and white are my faves), I love pugs, French bulldogs, Dalmatians, chow chows (super mammoth big fluffy dogs), westies (duh), corgi’s and so many more! I kinda love everything ya know?


Do you still horse ride?

Yes I do! I have a horse, her names Camelot or Cam for short and she is a gray Arabian mare who stands at 14.3hh. She is so adorable and the biggest poser for photos, she works amazingly and even though she has her sassitude (intentional hehe) on constantly, she is just the best pony everrr! We love showjumping and cross-country:)


Would you ever consider getting a new dog, if so which breed?

Yeah I would, I mean not now because I have two stinky white sheep to look after. But in the future for sure. Breed wise, I would probably get a big dog, like a border collie lol.




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    This is great. I love to hear all the answers!

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