Mischievous Mutts LookBook | Winter 2016

Hey all! So this winter myself and Mischievous Mutts have been closely working together to bring you guys something special.

They kindly contacted us over Instagram and asked if we’d like to model some of their products and also try, test and review them, our answer was an immediate yes!

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For those who don’t know, Mischievous Mutts are a homegrown brand grown in the UK. They lovingly hand make pet products for your furry friends such as bandanas and pet ID tags (coming soon). They have a broad range of bandana colours, styles and sizes to both fit and compliment your four legged pal.

When Mischievous Mutts contacted us, we both agreed that the best way for you to properly see the beauty of their products would be to model them in a lookbook. So to get the best of both worlds, we decided to make a video lookbook (over on our YouTube channel) and a lookbook over here on our blog in the form of photos. Hope you enjoy and lets get started!

Don’t forget to watch our video lookbook!


Now before I get into showing off these gorgeous bandanas, I want to say a few things about the packaging. HOW FREAKING CUTE! Oh my golly, when we received these babies in the mail I opened the parcel and instantly fell in love for the packaging of their products! Its so sweet and pretty, and because they’re homemade you just know there’s a lot of care, love and thought gone into them.

So with my little excited moment about the packaging over, lets get into what the bandanas actually look like! Eeeeee!!

For Zac, we decided to go blue. These two were my favourite pick for Mr. Chan, the plaid is a perfect fit for his breed (being a westie) and the geometric is just adorable on him!

IMG_6161 edited
Care guide included!

1. The Blue Geometric

This geometric patterned bandana is for sure one of my favourites from the Mischievous Mutts collection, although I do love them all! It suits Zac so well plus its just the cutest pattern, perfect for a boy! Plus just quietly, I think Channy has a soft spot for this one!

  • 10% discount code – zaclucy99

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2. The Plaid

The blue plaid bandana is perfect for any pooches or kitties which originate from a Scottish heritage and wish to show it off. Now there is no rule stating you have to be Scottish to wear this one, it is super cute and plaid in general just looks so adorable! What’s great about this one is its universal so both boys and girls can wear it! So be brave or be proud and sport this gorgeous plaid bandana. We love it!

  • 10% discount code – zaclucy99

IMG_6343 editedIMG_6338 editedIMG_6385 editedIMG_6375 editedIMG_6371 editedIMG_6368 editedIMG_6366 editedIMG_6365 edited

For Lucy, we went for simple, cute and girly styles. And I think our pick of the pink geometric and blue nautical patterns were perfect representations of this! Both these styles looked SO CUTE on little Magee; I dunno I just think that bandanas make her look even cuter, if that’s possible…

IMG_6184 edited

1. The Pink Geometric

The pink geometric bandana is so nice on, its subtle yet it pops when it contrasts against your pups fur. We decided to get the pink or “girl” version of the blue geometric so that Zac and Lucy could be #twinning. Now I say “girl” version because its pink, but don’t let that limit you to not getting it for your baby boy, this pattern and colour will suit any gender despite its colour! I seriously love this pattern its just ugh…LOVE IT!

  • 10% discount code – zaclucy99

IMG_6215 editedIMG_6196 editedIMG_6204 editedIMG_6207 editedIMG_6208 editedIMG_6210 editedIMG_6213 editedIMG_6267 editedIMG_6270 editedIMG_6285 editedIMG_6295 editedIMG_6410 editedIMG_6298 editedIMG_6300 editedIMG_6302 editedIMG_6413 editedIMG_6405 editedIMG_6397 editedIMG_6310 edited

2. The Blue Nautical

The blue nautical bandana is the cutest, perfect for if your four legged friend loves the water! Its pattern of anchors and ship wheels is so simple but it really just looks so adorable on any pet, even if they aren’t the biggest fans of the big blue. Lucy rocked this one, it made her look like a real sassy sailor! Definitely one of our fav’s from their whole collection!

  • 10% discount code – zaclucy99

IMG_6358 editedIMG_6356 editedIMG_6354 editedIMG_6347 editedIMG_6346 editedIMG_6344 editedIMG_6359 editedIMG_6362 editedIMG_6323 editedIMG_6319 editedIMG_6317 editedIMG_6314 editedIMG_6311 editedIMG_6339 edited


So that was our lookbook collaboration with Mischievous Mutts. This was so much fun to organise, create and keep secret for so long, we were both busting to show you guys, so we hope you enjoyed it! I’ve left links to Mischievous Mutts’ Etsy store throughout the blog post but in case your having trouble finding them, I’ve also left them below:

Be sure to have a good look at the MM store as they have plenty more styles, patterns and colours and even occasionally have limited edition styles!

You can also follow Mischievous Mutts on their Instagram page where they post updates, sneak peaks and special announcements!

We wanted to say a big big thank you to Shannon and Loki who helped us organise this whole thing and were kind enough to give us this opportunity. They make gorgeous quality products and have an enormous amount of love for what they do.

Be sure to check out the Mischievous Mutts store and Instagram page, and send us or tag us in your Instagram photos of your pet sporting their beautiful bandanas! We can’t wait to see them!

* Discount code applies to all items in the Mischievous Mutts store! Code – zaclucy99

Love you all so much!

Zac, Lucy and Laura xx

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