Beach Walks | Winter 2016

So lately the sheep and I have been absolutely loving going to our local dog beach. Although bloody freezing, we push through the pain of numb toes because the fresh air, blue water and long stretches of white soft sand is so totally worth it!

The other day I posted a favourites video over on our YouTube channel which was filled with all sorts of pet products which we have been absolutely adoring lately, plus a few random things.

Now what I forgot to mention in that video was the beach! We have been seriously loving it, every morning, for the last two weeks! So to make up for my forgetful, crazy mind, I decided to dedicate a whole blog post to the beach, so here it goes!

IMG_6531 E

This is our beach. I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl. My dad used to bring me here with our old dogs (before Zac and Lucy were even born!), and we used to fish, swim and explore all over it. This beach and myself have so many memories together, and I can’t help but feel happy, relaxed and refreshed whenever I’m there.

If you’ve ever been to a beach in Australia, you will know that sometimes it can be a fair walk to get to it; as there’s usually dunes and/ or a heck load of sand or shrubbery between it and wherever you parked your car. This is certainly the case for our beach, as you can see there’s a bit of a climb over the dunes before you even see the deep blue!

I just tell myself its cardio lol!

IMG_6525 EIMG_6526 EIMG_6529 E

But if you can make it over the great wall of sand dunes, you get the best reward in the world, a breathtaking view of a gorgeous coastline. It’s honestly the best!

IMG_6567 E

One of the best things about our beach is that it has a shipwreck on it! I know, what are the chances right? I’m not sure how the wreck got there, but I believe the barge was beached after a storm and they just left it on the shore. Now, some many years later, it has decayed and the sand levels have risen and majority of it is hidden under the beach we walk on! What you can see sticking out of the sand is the front of the barge, and hidden in the water is the old jetty and the body of another barge. It’s so cool and you’re able to actually climb on and swim around the wrecks!

IMG_6540 EIMG_6541 EIMG_6542 EIMG_6546 EIMG_6701 EIMG_6550 EIMG_6702 E

Another interesting thing about our beach is that is has a historical story attached to it! I won’t tell you the whole thing, but basically a well known man named CY O’Connor took his own life on 10 March 1902 , by shooting himself while riding his horse into the water at Robb Jetty, south of Fremantle, WA. The jetty in the story is what is now hidden beneath the water, and in memory of O’Connor, a statue was made and placed in the water just off the shipwreck! The statue can be seen in the photo below.

IMG_6705 E

So incase you couldn’t tell, this beach means a lot to me, it’s definitely one of my happy places. I seriously love coming here, especially with the dogs. I know that I can always relax and forget about any stressful stressors when I’m here, and watching the dogs run free and play in the water is very rewarding for my happiness.

But anyway, now that I’ve told you a little bit about why this beach is so special to me and why I’m putting it in my favourites, I’ll let you enjoy theses shots I took of the sheep enjoying themselves at our local dog beach this morning…

IMG_6534 EIMG_6548 EIMG_6552 EIMG_6555 EIMG_6560 EIMG_6562 EIMG_6563 EIMG_6567 EIMG_6572 EIMG_6580 EIMG_6582 EIMG_6583 EIMG_6585 EIMG_6587 EIMG_6589 EIMG_6591 EIMG_6596 EIMG_6598 EIMG_6602 EIMG_6604 EIMG_6605 EIMG_6606 EIMG_6610 EIMG_6611 EIMG_6619 EIMG_6621 EIMG_6626 EIMG_6633 EIMG_6634 EIMG_6636 EIMG_6655 EIMG_6658 EIMG_6666 EIMG_6676 EIMG_6677 EIMG_6686 EIMG_6687 EIMG_6688 EIMG_6693 EIMG_6696 EIMG_6698 EIMG_6699 EIMG_6713 EIMG_6715 EIMG_6717 EIMG_6716 E

Featured beach – C Y O’Connor Dog Beach


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