Rio Olympic Games 2016 | A Chill Day

Like most of us, I have been glued to the Olympic games. My favourite event, obviously, is the equestrian, although I have seriously been enjoying the athletics and diving events too!

As Australia is in the middle of winter currently, the weather is shocking! Today we had thunderstorms, hail and seriously intense wind and rain; so I stayed home and decided to shoot a blog post  on another of our “lazy days”.

On this day, we pretty much just watched the Olympics all day… haha can’t get much lazier than that!


Step 1: Cover your couch in blankets, pillows and other cozy things.


Step 2: Add fluffy animal of your choice.

IMG_6864IMG_6876IMG_6878IMG_6892IMG_6910Step 3: Turn on the Olympics (duh).IMG_6916Step 4: Wear clothing which supports the country you’re going for. GO AUSSIE!!IMG_6922IMG_6927Step 5: Make yourself a warm drink.IMG_6928Step 6: Just enjoy the games!IMG_6930IMG_6931IMG_6933IMG_6934IMG_6939IMG_6946IMG_6950IMG_6963IMG_6966

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