Get Ready With Us | Halloween 2016

Hey guys! So currently, I’m in one of the Best.Moods.Ever. You wanna know why? Because Halloween my friends, is just around the creepy corner! And with Halloween so close, I just HAD to post something about my second most favourite time of the year (second to Christmas!).

So this time last year, my blog was non-existent…meaning that this is my first official Halloween blog post! HECK YEAH! So to start off in style, I decided that I would surprise ya’ll with a Halloween tutorial which goes through my Halloween makeup, outfit, and the sheeps’ outfits too.

To find out how I achieved my Unicorn makeup, watch the video we made for our YouTube channel!


So yeah, as I said above, this year for Halloween I’m dressing as one of the most majestic creatures alive, a Unicorn!  It was so much fun to film and create this costume; legit was a childhood dream come true. Here are some shots of the finished product, costume and all…



For the dogs, I spotted their costumes while at the marketplace in a local town called Fremantle. The lady’s stall was so cute and was filled with costumes for pets…I couldn’t help myself I just had to buy a costume each for Z & L.

For Zac, as he’s big for a Westie, I went for a blue Triceratops…because although big, he’s also gentle and wouldn’t harm a fly…get it because Triceratops’ are herbivores haha! Here’s what my not so lil’ cutie looks like in his Trick-or-Treating attire…



For Magee, as she’s the sassiest being I know with four legs, I went for a costume which reflected this trait. What creature I ask, is more brutal with what comes out of their mouth than a Dragon?! I feel like everyone knows the movie How To Train Your Dragon, its epic! So I was so pleased to find a Toothless dragon costume in this ladies’ stall, and when I saw it, I immediately knew I had to get this for Lucy! Here’s what the Sass-Monster looks like in her full drag…



And that my friends, is a wrap on our Halloween costumes for 2016. I am so excited to go Trick-or-Treating this year and take these fluffy characters with me.. it’ll be a hoot! Be sure to let us know what you think of our costumes, and also let us know what you’re planning on being this year for Halloween!

Hope you all have a safe and spooky Halloween,

love a very excited Zac, Lucy and Laura xx


P.S. BOO!!!


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  1. paulinalang says:

    We definitely have a mutual love for Halloween. Looooovvve your makeup btw. I made my dog a bat costume for halloween, which is up on my blog. Halloween is just around the corner!

    Liked by 1 person

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