The Unnamed Puppy…

In a recent video, I spilled a big secret which I had been keeping from you guys. The secret and exciting news was that we are getting a puppy!


Now this news may come as a surprise to you, but for me it has been a long time coming and it’s had its challenges. Firstly, it took me a while to adjust to life without my gorgeous angel Lucy. But I hated the thought that when I went out, Zac was left alone at home with nothing to do and no one to play with. I also felt that it may be too soon to get a new dog; although Lucy passed in September 2016. I think I felt it was too soon as I wasn’t quite ready to let her go, and I felt almost like I was cheating on her in a way. But seeing how lonely Zac was at times, especially when I was gone, made me feel so guilty. I knew this  was for the best and we have the best intentions at heart for our Mr. Chan.


So, about this puppy. We decided we couldn’t go with any other breed other than a Westie. I loved the idea of adopting a rescue dog, but there are many complications in doing that and at the end of the day, we were doing this mainly for Zac. As much as I loved the rescue dog idea, I wouldn’t ever want to stress Zac out by bringing home a dog who’s past is unknown. What I mean by this is the new dog may be troubled or not suited for our kind of environment, and you can never be sure how they will act with other dogs. However, if we got a puppy from a well raised environment, both Zac and my family can raise it to ‘suit us’, and we are almost ensured that it and Zac will get along.


So once we had collectively decided that we were to get another Westie, it was down to gender. Obviously, Lucy was a girl, and with that came the guard dog responsibilities and stubbornness. Male westies however, are more loving, cuddly and laid back. Each pair of westies my family ever had was always one girl and one boy; she guarded and he loved. However, this time, we have made the decision to get a second boy. Reasons? We just love their temperament.


I am really excited to be getting this little boy. I am hoping he will bring some fresh, young atmosphere into the house, as well as sleepless nights and smelly presents (if ya get what I mean).


Name-wise, we have a few ideas. We really like Archie, Logan and Alfie, but nothing is decided yet. He’ll be here in early April and all of us, including Zac, are very excited! We hope you are excited too.


Lots of love,

Zac and Laura xx

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