Photo Fun | Early Autumn 2017

Hello loves!

So quite recently, I invested in something which I have wanted for quite some time; a new camera. Now there wasn’t anything wrong with my old Canon 600D (which I used to film, photograph and basically build our current online life with), however I just felt like Zac and I needed an upgrade.

Our first proper DSLR camera was our trusty Canon 600D. A solid and reliable camera which gets any job done and is great for both beginners and those of us who want to have a great quality camera, but don’t want to spend our life savings. However, I just felt that after filming videos for our YouTube channel and being an amateur photographer with my 600D for almost 2 years, I wanted to get something newer and special.

That’s why I decided to go for the Canon 70D. Because I do so much videography, I wanted something which had good specifics in that field and had special features that could assist me whilst filming. I decided on the 70D because it has auto focus for filming and a touch screen LCD screen; super handy for me when trying to film myself for videos!

But anyway, enough of my geeky talk about my new camera! I decided to give it a small test run with Zac in my living room this afternoon and thought I may as well show you some of the shots I took.

I used a mix of lenses. I love my standard Canon 18-55mm for both filming and portraits. I feel it has really nice focus and background blur and is a great basic lens to keep in your kit. I also used my old school, original, Canon 50mm lens. This lens I have a love hate relationship with. I find it beautiful for artistic videos as it has really nice blur and a soft visual effect. However for photos it can sometimes be a bit too soft around my subjects edges, so this is why I like to use it for extreme close ups on subjects and for that nice bokeh effect.

Anyway, please enjoy my lovely boy Zac and his posing, he’s such a model and a lover!

Love Zac and Laura xx

IMG_9129 copyIMG_9143 copyIMG_9145 copyIMG_9156 copyIMG_9157 copyIMG_9162 copyIMG_9168 copyIMG_9176 copyIMG_9178 copyIMG_9181 copy


* Photos taken by me on my Canon 70D with Canon 18-55mm and Canon 50mm lenses.

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