Little Alfie is my newest baby as of Friday 7th April. He is your typical boy; handsome, smart, strong, smelly and an absolute heartbreaker.

He loves to play (sometimes being a bit rough and nippy), and despite their initial differences, Zac and Alf are getting closer as each day progresses. I am really happy that Zac is taking Alf under his wing, something tells me the two of them are going to be powerful together.

The other day I introduced Alfie to our YouTube channel. Reckless as he was, he showed his true colours and the reason we all love him.

After sharing our little rocket-man with our YouTube, I thought it only fair to share him with our blog too. So in true blog style, here are some photos I took of our little man (and Zac made an appearance), yesterday morning during his play sesh.


Lots a love,

Zac, Laura and Alfie xxx

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