The Secret Garden

The other week, myself and my two best friends took a trip with our four legged pals to Gwelups Secret Garden. Located north of Perth, this green wonderland is perfect for adventures, photos and all round getting muddy. Because we visited during winter, it was a tad wet (and oh the mud!), but this added to the beauty of this hidden treasure and made it all the more fun.

As most of you know, my baby boy Zac is a white afro of a dog. Stupidly I bathed him before taking him (big mistake); needless to say he did not come home the same hue lol. But despite my boy coming home with a Cruella De Ville hairstyle, we had so much fun trekking through the mud, cane reeds, green ivy and log bridge arbored streams.

I cannot express how much the Secret Garden reminded me of the fairy houses I used to create out of sticks and leaves in my grandmas old garden. It was so beautiful and brought me back to my childhood in the way it let my imagination run wild. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of this place before. Tiny as it was, we will definitely be revisiting soon for more fun, imagination and mud.


Love Laura, Zac and Alfie xxx

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